Where do your dues go?

District and Toastmasters International Budgets

District 100

Toastmasters Districts receive 25% of each dues payment to run the district.  If you would like to see the District 100 budget, you may see our DEC approved document here.

Toastmasters International

The other 75% remains at Toastmasters International and goes to running the international organization.  The monies go to paying our approximately 125 full time employees at World Headquarters, funding the Toastmasters International website, and various projects like Pathways and the Marketing Initiative which will be rolled out in Region 10 (including District 100!) this spring.  The initiative is part of the Toastmasters Strategic Plan

Our International Director has made mention that the detailed budget at the WHQ Level is around 200 pages deep!  Here’s a high level  2016 Financial Report

This is Mike Raffety, DTM, Past International Director’s Analysis of 2015 Toastmasters Tax Return 990.