International and Evaluation Contests 2020

District Evaluation Contest
Saturday, April 25, 8:00-10:00am

Results! Division Contests

Held Saturday, April 11

Evaluation 1st Place Winners

Div. A. = Hann Wei Chang
Div. G. = Glenn Yasukochi
Div. L. = Steve Itzkowitz
Div. P. = Zulma Mazariegos
Div. R. = Tiffany Chai
Div. S. = Michael Reynaga

International 1st Place Winners

Div. A. =Hidi Lee
Div. G. = Lourdes Ortiz
Div. L. =Rebekah Atkinson
Div. P. =Suraj Chugani
Div. R. = Brianna Goldberg
Div. S. =Betsy Wills

Results: Area Contests
Saturday, March 28, 2020

International Speech Contest Area Winners 
A1JPL/Caltech ToastmastersRoger CarlsonVR1
A2A.C.T.S.Chris ChristmanV3
A2Pasadena Presbyterian ChurchGladys Newton (2nd)V3
A4Parsons Toastmasters ClubThomas KutzerV2
A4Pasadena Club 6Hidi Lee (2nd)V2
G1Innovative SpeakersVirginia HanagamiV4
G2Dynamic WhittierRicardo RuizV4
G3The Standard BearersGlenn YasukochiV4
G3Whittier WordcraftersLourdes Ortiz (2nd)V4
L1Eclectic DialecticsRebekah AtkinsonVR1
L1Eclectic DialecticsCarlos Back (2nd)VR1
L2La Palma ToastmastersKeith AllenVR1
L2La Palma ToastmastersManali Shah (2nd)VR1
L3Cocoa VinoSteve Itzkowitz V2
P1BPLS ToastmastersZaida RichardV3
P1Living Spaces Corporate — CWKristin Minasian (2nd)V3
P1Knotts Speak EasyNour Tarzi (3rd)V3
P3Humor Masters ToastmastersEd SmithV3
P3Orange County CommunicatorsNorm Cook (2nd)V3
P3Anaheim Breakfast ClubMuna Zain (3rd)V3
P4Professional SpeakersSuraj ChuganiV4
R1SpeechcraftersBrianna Goldberg V2
R1South Pasadena ToastmastersDora Lin (2nd)V2
R3Talk of the TownTiffany ChaiVR1
R3San Gabriel Valley Club 200Catherine Cheung (2nd)VR1
S2Faithful VoicesBetsy WillsVR1
S2Faithful VoicesAnthony Inducil (2nd)VR1
Evaluation Speech Contest Area Winners  
A1Kaiser ToastmastersHann-Wei ChangVR1
A2Pasadena Presbyterian ChurchGladys NewtonVR3
A3Cal Tech ToastmastersSheryl XiangVR2
A4Pasadena Club 6Hidi LeeVR2
A4Parsons Toastmasters ClubTitina Folliero (2nd)VR2
G3The Standard BearersRicardo RuizVR4
G3The Standard BearersGlenn Yasukochi (2nd)VR4
L1Eclectic DialecticsCarlos BackVR1
L2La Palma ToastmastersKeith AllenVR1
L2La Palma ToastmastersManali Shah (2nd)VR1
L3Past District Governors/ DirectorsRichard SnyderVR2
L3Cocoa VinoSteve Itzkowitz (2nd)VR2
P1Living Spaces Corporate — CWJulio MontalvoVR3
P1Knotts Speak EasyIgnacio Zarate (2nd)VR3
P2Figures of SpeechSudha NatarajanVR4
P3Humor Masters ToastmastersCyndy TrinidadVR3
P3Humor Masters ToastmastersEd Smith (2nd)VR3
P4Professional SpeakersSuraj ChuganiVR4
P4Titan ToastmastersZulma Mazariegos (2nd)VR4
R3Talk of the TownTiffany ChaiVR1
R4Arcadia ToastmastersRyan LoVR2
S2True North ToastmastersSam Sampat VR1
S2Faithful VoicesMichael Reynaga (2nd)VR1

This page will be updated with more details as they become available.

The District has received authorization from World Headquarters International President, Deepak Menon and CEO, Daniel Rex to hold Area and Division Contests via webinar to minimize personal contact.  World Headquarters has also authorized all clubs to meet 100% virtual until further notice.  In District 100, all Area and Division Contests will be held virtually to provide a fair and level contest experience for all. The District Conference time and location is still being evaluated as Cerritos College responds to the pandemic.

We have postponed the Division Contests to Saturday, April 11 to provide enough time to configure the logistics for successful contests.

Contest Procedures

Email with questions, comments, or corrections

  • Contests will be conducted by GoToMeeting.
  • Contestants will be responsible for signing in to GoToMeeting using their cell phone or computer and testing the connection prior to the contest time.
    • Briefings will be held in the GoToMeeting virtual room as during an in-person contest, 30 minutes prior to gavel.  Connection testing will occur during this briefing.
  • To comply with Toastmasters World Headquarters, Federal and Local rules and recommendations, all contestants, judges, timers, and ballot counters will be on GoToMeeting.
  • Each virtual room is capable of handling up to 150 participants.  Audience members are welcome to virtually attend the contests.  
    • GoToMeeting has a limit of 25 video feeds. We ask everyone except contestants, Contest Toastmaster, Chief Judge, and Timers to enter the room muted with video turned off. We will assess the GoToMeeting resources and performance in each contest after these participants are confirmed.
    • All participants will be muted by Contest Tech Support except for the person speaking .

Further Speech Contest modifications and rules can be found on the World Headquarters document: Online Speech Contest Exemption
To comply with the secondary communication requirement, District 100 is asking all contestants to have either a land-line phone or a separate cell phone capable of receiving calls or texts.
Judges must have the ability to text their votes to the Chief Judge if they are judging from remote locations.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact

Contest Materials

2019-2020 Toastmasters International Contest Rule Book

2019-2020 Toastmasters International Digital International Contest Paperwork Kit

2019-2020 Toastmasters International Digital Evaluation Contest Paperwork Kit

Don’t know who your Area Director is? Search for your club name in the directory!

District 100 Virtual Area Contest Training Video (320MB)