District 100 Appointments since July 1, 2017

The following individuals have been appointed by District Director Karen Lucas, been accepted by the District Executive Council, and are to be ratified by the District Council.

Darren W. Kwee – Club Growth Director
Chuong Kha – Public Relations Manager
Rene Brill – Administration Manager
Marjorie Benesh – Finance Manager
David Shupe – District Parliamentarian
William Harmon – Area A1 Director
Ming Jiang – Area A2 Director
Bertha Bargas – Area A3 Director
Amy Cheema – Area A4 Director
Louis Lopez – Area G1 Director
Ricardo Ruiz – Area G2 Director
Daniel Zipper – Area G3 Director
Gonzalo Sanchez – Area G4 Director
Monica Malhotra – Area L1 Director
Rhonda Campbell – Area L2 Director
Jill Dunn – Area L3 Director
Linda O’Neil – Area L4 Director
Gerard De Masi – Area P1 Director
Joshua Noesser – Area P2 Director
Amy Jaffke – Area P3 Director
Nour Tarzi – Area P4 Director
Michael Johnson – Area R1 Director
Jude Tadeo – Area R2 Director
Liza Melconian – Area R3 Director
Michael Kunysz – Area S1 Director
Rob Bolton – Area S2 Director
Leslie Martel – Area S3 Director
Gloria Miller – Area S4 Director