District 100 Learning Lab

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Course Descriptions

Getting the most from your Toastmasters membership

Whether you’re a brand new Toastmaster or been a member for years in a single club, come see what the world of Toastmasters has to offer.  Past International President Helen Blanchard once said, “If you get out of Toastmasters all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters!  The leadership and speaking opportunities abound and many are available to you with your base membership, right here in District 100.  All it takes is your commitment and enthusiasm to build your confidence and expand your horizons.

Pathways Education

Continue your journey of personal and professional development through Pathways! As the foundation of your Toastmasters experience, Pathways is designed to help you build the competencies you need to communicate and lead. This in depth session will explore the nuts and bolts of how Pathways works.  Discover how to manage your education!  If you are a BaseCamp Manager, learn the details of member tracking and approvals.

Slack & Trello

Slack + Trello Training.  Discover these internet-base tools to make your club, area, or division’s team communications seamless and streamlined.


Learn how to use Meetup to advertise your club.  Bring the benefits of Toastmasters offered by your club to people specifically looking to learn communication and leadership skills.

Club Coach

An overview of best practices to set you up for this role in assisting a struggling club. Learn proven methods and the best way to help you and your struggling club become Distinguished.

Club Mentor

An overview of best practices to set you up for this role in assisting a newly formed club.

Qualified Speaker Working Group

Interested in becoming a Qualified Speaker in District 100?  Need a venue to practice your qualified speech with your mentor?  This is a great time and place to accomplish your goals.

AS (Accredited Speaker) Working Group

Connect with others working toward Accredited Speaker.  Give an extended speech you are working on.  Discuss accomplishment and challenges.

HPL (High Performancee Leadership) Session

Are you ready to complete a project at work?  At home?  In Toastmasters?  Bring your committee and get advice from an experienced member to make your project a success.

Club Officer Training

Improve your experience as a club officer and fulfill your responsibilities by spending an hour learning about your role, how it helps your fellow members and where you fit in with the other club officers.  This class is designed as a makeup training for the formal LACE Club Officer training.

Success Plans

Get A Head start! Club/Area/Division Level Success Plan development.  A great class to get your first draft done!

Success Plan Working Group

Need a quiet space to discuss your success plan?  Want feedback and input from experienced leaders?  Join us for 60 minutes of intense, valuable work time.

Dashboard for Officers

Toastmasters International has a wealth of resources to assist club officers.  Discover ways to make your officer role more fulfilling and improve your club’s performance with these time tested tools.

# Develop Successful Teams

You will learn how to select team members, create a team agreement and discuss motivation and conflict-resolution techniques to keep their teams strong and productive.

# * Enhance Club Quality

As Area and Division Directors, you support clubs in creating an environment of mutual support and enrichment by soliciting club needs and offering perspective and knowledge. In this session, you consider how to gather information about clubs and identify ways to enhance their quality and performance.  The Area Director’s Club Visit Report (Item 1471) is the tool used to assess the overall quality of clubs. Learn how best to utilize this tool to support your clubs and provide an effective Toastmasters evaluation that is valuable to the club officer and the District It is also a valuable resource for the district because, once completed, the report identifies how district leaders can best support the club.

# Establish New Clubs

In this session, area and division directors as well as any member interested in building a club will identify the requirements for establishing clubs.  Attend this session and learn the best ways to start a club strong and bring the benefits of Toastmasters membership to others for years to come.

#* Thrive in the District Recognition Program

District 100 has numerous incentives this year based on the core Toastmasters principles and goals.  Join us to learn how working the Distinguished Club Program, building new clubs, and bringing excellence to your member experience will garner rewards for you and your club!

D100 Leadership Information Session

Thinking of expanding your Toastmasters leadership education?  Attend this enlightening class that will give you the tools you need to decide your next steps along your leadership path.

Key To Great Evaluations

Speech and Leadership Performance evaluations are the cornerstone of the Toastmasters program.  By providing useful and concise evaluations containing accomplishments and opportunities for improvement, we help each other grow and improve.  Come discover the best practices for creating these effective evaluations.


Learn this invaluable skill to run meetings efficiently and effectively.  Cut the amount of time you’re stuck in meetings and insure that decisions and deliverables are properly recorded and assigned.

* This session focuses on Area Director Visit Reports.
# These sessions are required Area & Division Director Training