Club Success Plan

The Club Success Plan is a planning document for defining the goals of a club. Club officers should create a Club Success Plan each year for their club in order to help them focus their efforts and the efforts of the club as a whole during their term in office. In particular, the Club Success Plan represents the club’s stated criteria in defining success for the club in the Distinguished Club Program.

After the Club Success Plan is completed, the club’s executive committee is encouraged to share the plan with all of the club’s members, Area and Division Directors and keep a copy of the plan in the club’s records. Note that participation in the preparation of a Club Success Plan satisfies one of the requirements for Advanced Leader Bronze recognition.

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan
Details about the Club Success Plan can be found in the Distinguished Club Progam and Club Success Plan booklet which is available from the Toastmasters Store (Item 1111) as a free PDF download.

How to Be a Distinguished Club
A terrific tool to use to evaluate your club performance is the Moments Of Truth module from the Successful Club Series.  This module leads you through how to recognize and deal with situations critical to club success. This is the ultimate club self-evaluation tool. The free download includes a club evaluation chart, outline and PowerPoint presentation.